What Makes TV

This is a blog about some of my favourite TV shows, I wont name them 'cause there are a lot of them haha ;P But if you're on my blog then that means that you love TV shows just as much as I do, and that gives us something in common. So if you wanna talk or wanna tell me about a great show, then just do it :)

forget-about-reality: hello, i know it's awful to be asking you this, but could you please like our page? Our goal is to create a page where people can talk with each other about series, movies, books and games, know the last updates from series/etc and even more. But it won't be possible without people participating. If you could share this or just like the page I would be forever grateful. And if you need any help in anything, i'm here. Thanks a lot! It's very important to us! x here: facebook. com/DebateWorldwide

I don’t like things on Facebook, sorry, but maybe some of my followers do :)
I really hope this helps and good luck ;)